Saturday, August 25, 2007

new roomie!

I am sooo excited right now. In just a few short hours Daniel and I are getting a new roommate...that's right Jenna (aka J-moe) is on her way! She has decided to stay in Southaven for a little while longer. And while she running around town job hunting she will crash at our place. Woo-hoo! It's been almost a year and a half since I've lived with a girl (and four years since Dan's lived with more than one!) The girls in the youth group are going nuts. They fell in love with Jenna over the summer while she interned here. I'm kind of surprised they aren't camped out in our yard waiting for her arrival. :) The guest bedroom and bathroom are cleaned and ready, but I don't think anything can truly prepare J-moe for life with the Hinton's full time. Here's hoping for the newest member of our family!!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

friends, family and fishing

Well it's been a whirlwind of a couple of weeks, to say the least. Here's an update: The Hinton girls came to visit. We had a great week with them. We ate BBQ, showed them around down town Memphis, shopped at Jun Lee's and even stopped by Graceland. It was our first time ever going there and it was quite the experience. It might have been some of the worst decor I have ever seen. Who would have ever thought to put shag carpet on the ceiling? It needs some HGTV help...desperately! They give you these portable listening things that you carry around with you. That way you can play it when you want to and walk around at your own pace. I stopped at every display and played every track on the player. Danny used his for one room. He preferred to look. :) George Wesley came into town for a couple of days. While he was here, he and Dan installed a microwave above our stove and it is FABULOUS! (At our home we get excited about the small stuff). At the end of the week we drove to Roaring River in beautiful southern Missouri for the annual Hinton fishing trip. It was so much fun seeing all the relatives, going down the water slide and playing pass the trash. This past week I drove home to see the family and to send Adam (aka "Bubby") off to college. He turned 19 on August 12. I still can't believe that. It seemed like just yesterday he was turning one and stepping all over his Mario cake. Eighteen years later he's made me incredibly proud and blessed to be his sister. He's smart, talented, witty, authentic, athletic, fun to be around and he'll whoop you at just about anything you play him in. Mizzou is almost as lucky to have him as we are. Happy Birthday Bubby!