Sunday, August 28, 2011

good numbers

Two sisters
one unmade bed
one wonderful Sunday afternoon in the Hinton home.

Monday, August 22, 2011

first trip to the dentist

A few days before we had the baby we took Chica to her very first dentist appointment. This time I wasn't so busy shopping that I couldn't attend. :) We're blessed to know a pediatric dentist through Downline Ministries. He and Danny went through the program the same year and have traveled together on a couple of mission trips since then. His office is pretty far from our house but our experience was totally worth the trip.

The whole office was decked out kid style. They gave Chica a name tag which I loved because everyone immediately knew her name and talked to her like she'd been going there forever. I wasn't sure how she'd do, but she hopped right up on the chair and laid down. She held still throughout the cleaning, flossing and exam. They said she did great for being three years old. Atta girl, Big Girl!

Free toothbrush!! Best day EVER! :)

2 week stats

Friday Dan took both girls to Hope's two week check up with the pediatrician. I couldn't go because I was too busy shopping at my favorite bi-annual consignment sale. It's all about the priorities people and who are we kidding, those bargain children's clothes aren't going to purchase themselves.

Originally we arranged the schedule so that Dan and I could both go to the appointment. Unfortunately, we're still trying to master the art of leaving the house on time with all family members accounted for, somewhat dressed and fed. (See last Tuesday morning, my first solo attempt to be somewhere with both girls by 9:00 and we arrived sixty-five minutes late. I could beat myself up about it, instead I'm viewing it as the new time to beat.)

Thankfully Daniel is a beast of a father and had it all under control. Most importantly, our Hopie is a healthy girl. She's in the 95 percentile for weight (9'15'') the 90 percentile for height (21.2") and 90 percentile for head circumference (37cm). Her doctor thinks she might have an extra sensitive gag reflex. When he examined her ears, it made her gag. It obviously isn't interfering with her eating though. :)

Friday, August 19, 2011

the first two weeks

We're two weeks in and the natives are getting restless. By that I mean the grandparents are itching for more pictures of our girls. :) I've got to keep this pretty short. We're doing well but this whole doubling our children thing has flat worn me out. Hope is eating well and sleeping even better. (Nursing was tougher this time around for sure, but it's getting easier as we go. I forgot how hard it is in the beginning!)

Big Sister has been really sweet to the baby. Not so much to her parents. Let's just say we're all trying to figure out how to be part of our family of four. It's been quite the learning curve. Thankfully, several friends have had Chica over this week for play dates. It's helped both of us tremendously. I'm praying this time of transition is short!

Here we are leaving the hospital. She's wearing the second runner up outfit. Her Daddy deemed her original outfit cruel and unusual punishment. Therefore we had to "borrow" one of the hospital shirts after they told us we had to leave them there. On the way out, something set off the alarm in the maternity ward so we were on lock down for a bit. I was a little worried our lifted infant shirt would set it off again. Fortunately we made it out and are now just a few shirt snatchers living outside the law.
This picture makes me laugh. Last week we went to the pediatrician to have her weighed. I was concerned with how much she prefers sleeping to eating but looking at this makes me wonder why I was ever nervous to begin with.
Shout out from the swing! She's getting better at keeping that paci in.
Before leaving for a friend's house Chica asked me to take her picture with the baby. We were already an hour late so of course I obliged.
Their first walk side by side.
Sleepy girl.
Sister love.
It's time for this two week old to eat, gotta go for now!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

one week old

How can it be?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

40 weeks

Today was my due date! Instead we've spent the last five days enjoying our baby on the outside. :)
No time for make-up. Too little brain power to post much else. But I did want to thank everyone for their outpouring of love, sweet comments, phone calls and visits. We are in love with our precious girl!

I'll try to be back just as soon as sleep, feeding schedules and brain cells permit. :)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Saturday, August 6, 2011

there's someone we'd like for you to meet...

Hope Margaret Hinton
Born August 6 at 5:38 PM
8 lbs 13 oz
21" long

Let the family of four fun begin!

Friday, August 5, 2011

it's baby eve!

When I started writing this post it was titled "baby month." Since then I've been at the doctor's office for my weekly check up. Turns out my blood pressure was higher than it's been so the doctor scheduled an induction for Monday morning. (The most amount of time he'd allow for Baby Sister to get here on her own.) An hour later the office called to tell us the hospital's schedule is full for Monday so they bumped me up to this weekend. All that to say, Danny and I are leaving for the hospital in the morning to deliver this baby!

I'm all kinds of emotional mess right now. Nine months of pregnancy hormones sure don't help. This isn't how we saw this going but that doesn't mean it's out from under the authority of God. We're trusting Him.

Here we are in all our 39 week glory:
Lord willing, the next picture up here will be one of our healthy, beautiful baby girl. Thank you for your prayers!