Monday, August 22, 2011

2 week stats

Friday Dan took both girls to Hope's two week check up with the pediatrician. I couldn't go because I was too busy shopping at my favorite bi-annual consignment sale. It's all about the priorities people and who are we kidding, those bargain children's clothes aren't going to purchase themselves.

Originally we arranged the schedule so that Dan and I could both go to the appointment. Unfortunately, we're still trying to master the art of leaving the house on time with all family members accounted for, somewhat dressed and fed. (See last Tuesday morning, my first solo attempt to be somewhere with both girls by 9:00 and we arrived sixty-five minutes late. I could beat myself up about it, instead I'm viewing it as the new time to beat.)

Thankfully Daniel is a beast of a father and had it all under control. Most importantly, our Hopie is a healthy girl. She's in the 95 percentile for weight (9'15'') the 90 percentile for height (21.2") and 90 percentile for head circumference (37cm). Her doctor thinks she might have an extra sensitive gag reflex. When he examined her ears, it made her gag. It obviously isn't interfering with her eating though. :)

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