Friday, April 1, 2011

if you consign it, I will come

Today is a happy day in the Hinton home! In just a few hours we'll pick our favorite husband/Daddy up from the airport. He's been serving pastors and lay leaders in El Salvador for the past week. While we're proud of all the team did while they were there and expectant for what God will continue to do, we are ready to have our "Daddo" back!

The week without him has been surprisingly quick. Chica was a little resistant at nap time and woke up several nights to use the restroom, which was unusual. It could be she's more aware of when she needs to go or that the abnormal family dynamic threw her off. Heck, for all I know the wind could have changed and our toddler would adopt some new quirk.

I've felt spoiled with how much contact I've had with Dan while he's been gone. Somehow he had internet connection so he emailed a quick update each day. One afternoon during his break we got to Skype. Chica played him a song on the keyboard. Then she turned on one of the auto-beats and danced around the room, barking out orders for her father to join her. Even from five countries away, Chica can effectively boss her parents into a family of three flash mob.

I made sure in my email last night to let him know that my toughest sacrifice for the trip has yet to happen. You see, this morning I'm attending my favorite consignment sale of the year. You might wonder, what's the big deal about that? Well I'll tell you. Consignment sales happen to be the mother-load of all gently used but steeply discounted children stuff. They are a divine blessing sent from above to moms on a budget who were shocked to discover just how much money kids can suck from the income each month. I'm pretty sure when God first revealed the concept of a consignment sale, a choir of angels burst forth in song.

Or maybe that was just a chorus of ministry moms everywhere.

Needless to say, word has spread about this discounted goldmine of everything kids. Women arrive in droves to clothe, transport and entertain their children for less. While I love my precious, sweet, lovey doodle bug more than words, Girlfriend seriously cramps my consignment shopping style.
But alas, her father is on the mission field, serving a cause of eternal magnitude. So I must venture forth with my daughter at my side/duct taped to her stroller and shop.

If her Daddy's going to travel to a foreign country to teach the message of Christ's strategy, then the least I can do is educate her in the danger of paying retail.

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