Thursday, April 14, 2011

why self esteem is a must

A few weeks ago, Chica and I went into a public restroom. (Who knew an almost three year old and a five month pregnant mama's bathroom breaks would be as synchronized as they have turned out to be?) We walked into the stall and there, towards the very back of the toilet seat was a tiny chink in the porcelain.

"Ewwww, that potty is YUCKY!"

On account of the other baby using my bladder as her personal trampoline, I wasn't up for switching stalls this late in the game. I hoisted my toddler up on the toilet and assured her that there was no way she was touching the yucky spot.

"See baby? Your bottom isn't nearly big enough to reach that far back on the seat."

She paused to contemplate that argument, looked me up and down and replied, "No, but YOURS is."

A Portrait of Mama the Onion Head:
A Portrait of Daddy with a Ponytail (that rebel!):
Please note that after drawing the heads, she asked me to finish the bodies. I'm hoping the cute skirt downplays my massive backside.

If her renderings are accurate, it's amazing someone so cute could come from the likes of us. :)


  1. Don't we just love all those little things they say and do Love it Miss Linda