Monday, April 25, 2011

3 years old!!

Dear Reesie,
Today you are three years old! I don't know where the time went this past year, but it sure was a big one for you. You learned how to use the potty, said good-bye to binky, slept in a toddler bed for the first time and even began to learn how to read. It's hard to believe that the seven pound squirming baby Daddy and a room full of nurses cheered into the world is now such a big girl.
We fell in love when they put you in our arms but we had no clue how much joy you would come to bring to our lives. While I'm sad to see you get older I can't wait to see what God has in store for you this next year. Bring it on three!

In honor of your birthday being on April 25, here are twenty-five of my favorite things about you, our newly three-year-old:
1. Your sweet voice.
2. How you ask to listen to "My God's Not Dead" by David Crowder every time we get in the car.
3. How excited you are to be a big sister and how according to you, you already are one.
4. Your long legs and arms.
5. The way you sit and read books with us- all day long if you could.
6. How you pinch your thumb and pointer finger together to put up three fingers.
7. The way you pray for things by thanking God for them, as if they've already happened.
8. Your love for your glitter shoes and how you call them your "sprinkle" shoes.
9. When you get dressed in the morning you'll ask me who gave you each article of clothing you're putting on.
10. How you can recognize and identify restaurant signs after eating there once.
11. The way you talk and interact with your Daddy. How you love for him to chase you around the house and take you on Daddy/Daughter dates to Chic-Fil-A and Dirt Cheap.
12. How you pump your fist in the air when you sing the last part of "How Great Thou Art."
13. How every curb becomes a balance beam for you to walk on.
14. The face you make when you concentrate.
15. Your method of climbing onto the big girl potty all by yourself. It looks like you're mounting a horse and makes me crack up every time.
16. Your dimples when you smile. I could kiss them a hundred times a day. (And that you let me.)
17. The voice and mannerisms you use when you get to be in charge.
18. How you make your Daddy stand at the bottom of the tunnel slide and yell "all clear" before you slide down.
19. The way you use your thumb to point at things.
20. Your ornery sense of humor and great appreciation for all things funny.
21. How you're not afraid to say no to big kids when they want you to do something you have no interest in doing.
22. That out of all the stories in your toddler Bible, you want to read "Joseph's Coat" every night before bed.
23. That you prefer Daddy's method for shampooing your hair.
24. That you're willing to do chores.
25. The times we hear you through your monitor praying yourself to sleep at night.
Happy Birthday Precious Girl!!
Your Daddy and I are crazy about you!!


  1. This is such a special seems like only yesterday we were road tripping to meet Chica. You go precious girl....keep them on their toes :)

  2. Happy Birthday to sweet little Reese, who seems to have quite the big and fun personality!

  3. #25 is precious! You're a great mommy Rach :)