Saturday, July 19, 2008

the dark knight

We went and saw this movie yesterday. I've got to tell you, I have been looking forward to this all year! Every time a commercial for it came on, I would tell Dan, "I can't wait Dan, I can't wait!" I must have dropped enough hints because yesterday he took me to the noon showing. Is it a sign of old age when I prefer an afternoon movie to avoid crowds and to pay less? I digress. Anyways, I don't know who I was kidding about the crowd thing, because the theater was packed! We had to sit in the very front row. And if it had been any other movie, I would have pouted about that for about half an hour. But I was at the new Batman movie. And after 6 months of anticipation, I was not about to let a little thing like a broken neck dampen my mood. No sir. And let me just say, I was not disappointed. It was incredible! It was the best movie I've seen in a long time and in my humble opinion, the best of all the Batman movies. If you like Batman Begins, you will love this! Heath Ledger's performance was superb. He creeped me out, made me laugh. He was unrecognizable. Now I will warn you that the movie is long. But it doesn't feel long. If you're thinking about seeing it, do it! You will not be disappointed. And who knows? I might just swallow the seven bucks and go back again. :)

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