Tuesday, April 6, 2010

easter week

Easter week was a full one at the Hinton home. Would you like to see some highlights? Over the past several days we...

...had multiple Easter egg hunts. Chica's gusto increased with each hunt as she gained experience and realized that the more eggs you found, the more candy you took home.

...examined her loot.

...showed it to her Daddy.

...upon locating the final egg exclaimed, "I did it!!"

...same concept, different outfit.

...egg hunt deja vu.

...had a blast at the church party with her daddy.

...got a tattoo.

...reeled in a lunker at one of the games.

...posed with the Easter bunny.

...feasted on some of Daddy's world famous pancakes.

...wore her Easter dress. Learned that Easter wasn't about eggs, the bunny or even candy. When I ask her the reason for Easter, she's inclusive with her answer. "Jesus. And God."

...got ready for church (it was an incredible service!) and took our family picture (thanks to Davo and Bellsey!).

...thanked Jesus (and God) for paying the penalty for sin that should have been ours so we could spend eternity with Him.

I told my youth girls last week that the crucifixion shows us how serious our sin is. So serious, it cannot be ignored nor denied. But the cross also shows us how passionate God is for His people.

Our sin is a serious issue. So is God's love.

And that bloggers, is what made our week so full.


  1. she is too cute. i could eat her up with those pigtails!

  2. What an adorable family you have:)

    -Beth Brewer