Saturday, August 14, 2010

gone fishing

August has been a month full of traveling. Just before the wedding we went to Roaring River for our annual family reunion. Before all the fishing we tacked on a few days in Branson to see Debs!
We stayed at an awesome hotel complete with a water park...
and the boy cousins! Chica had all kinds of fun people to play with. She calls them "the boys" and loves it when they're around. For a family of all boys it's endearing to see how sweet they are with her. The affection is mutual.

While in Branson, Debs hooked us up with discounted tickets to the Sight and Sound Theater. The show was fabulous and I've wanted to see it ever since it was featured on (confession time) 19 Kids and Counting. We didn't see any Duggars, but the experience was incredible nonetheless. Thanks to Auntie Michelle, I didn't have to miss any of it due to bathroom breaks.

Chica LOVED the show. The best part is she's walked around for weeks booming "NOAH!" in her lowest, most powerful God voice. Cracks me up every time. I may have even egged it on a little bit.
After Branson, we hit the road to our next destination. It wasn't until our trip to Disney (just before Big Girl's second birthday) that traveling with her became truly enjoyable. She's always done great in the car and on planes, it's the sleeping in new places that has been a battle ever since she was tiny. When no one sleeps, it's hard to have a good time. Thankfully, we turned a corner and we're all more rested on our trips.

This was Chica's third time at Roaring River but her first time to fish. The river is stocked at night, so the best chance you have at catching a hungry fish is first thing in the morning, thus the need to get out of bed waaayyy earlier than we normally do. When Dan woke Chica up to go fishing she told him that she "wanted to go tomorrow." She thought it was still the middle of the night! (And I guess for her, technically it still was.)

Despite our best efforts, vast fishing expertise and dragging ourselves out of bed at the crack of dawn, the fish bested us. Let's face it, if I was on Survivor and only ate by way of stabbing a fish with a makeshift spear, I'd have to eliminate myself and go home to food that's been caught by someone else.
Fortunately, we had a quick rebound later that afternoon. Water slide time!!!
The next morning we were back in action. Given how tired we look, I don't think I have to tell you what time this picture was taken.
The second morning wasn't a total bust. Thank goodness Aunt Michelle caught a fish. Big Girl helped reel it in and loved every minute of it.
Even though the characters on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse make fishing look a whole lot easier than it actually is, I think Chica has a new found appreciation for it.
And an even greater attachment to her family members she got to see while we were there.

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