Wednesday, December 8, 2010

deeper still

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend for the second time Deeper Still, one of LifeWay's many conferences for women. Last year, I traveled to Oklahoma for the event. This time, Debs wasn't able to be there, but three sweet friends from our new church agreed to go with me. Jen met us there from Nashville and we all had a ball.
Here's our fun group. We laughed so hard and had great conversations. I love a good girls trip.

The teaching and worship was incredible, as usual.

I've found that when I come back from a conference like this one, it takes several days for my brain to reboot. I saw some of the girls at church on Sunday we laughed because mentally, I was barely functioning.

I think in a way six solid hours of rich, challenging, convicting truth breaks down your mind. Old thoughts are carved away under the powerful chisel of scripture. The sword of the Spirit is swift and sometimes painful, yet I've found it's always effective. And just how the earth and all within it came to be simply by God speaking it into existence, His word goes forth into the depths of your mind and replaces the old thoughts and attitudes with new ones. Better ones. True ones.

It can make for one heck of a headache. But it's the best cure for a hard head.

P.S.- This picture with Beth was taken after the event by Rick Kalonick. You can see his website here.

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