Monday, May 14, 2012

mother's day

I am spoiled rotten.

My mother's day celebration started on Saturday morning.  After donuts for everyone, we split up and my favorite four year old took me to the movies.  I could tell she was up to no good before we left.  There was some serious whispering going on with her father.  On the way there she piped up from the backseat.

"Hey Mama!"  Her volume gave away her mounting excitement.

"Yes Baby?"

"Do you know what's in my pocket?"


"NOTHING!  Hahahahaha!"

We parked the car and held hands all the way to the ticket counter.  The worker asked me how many tickets we'd need and before I could respond Reesie yelled, "WAIT!  I'M GIVING THE MONEY FOR THIS!"  She whipped her money out of her tiny pocked and slapped it on the counter.  Then she turned to me and bellowed "Happy Mother's Day!" so loud I'm sure even the people watching Avengers in theater 9 heard her.

We saw Chimpanzee (so good!) and only needed one bathroom break before it was over.  On the way home she talked about whatever popped into her head and I got to listen with undivided attention.  Conversations these days are equal parts interesting and hilarious with a heaping amount of the unexpected.

The next day we went to church and ate lunch in the parking lot of McAlister's.  Then I went shopping for an entire hour by myself.  Then we called our moms to thank them for putting up with us.  We ended the night eating Mexican food and playing corn hole with our new small group.

Like I said.  Spoiled rotten.

The women responsible for making me a mama.  I'm so grateful they haven't fired me yet.  

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