Saturday, November 13, 2010

fall hodge-podge

While scrolling through an entire autumn's worth of pictures, I found some that never made it to our little blog. They're as sporadic and unique as the leaves that are still falling in our southern state. Enjoy!
In October, Danny took a trip to Colorado to attend the wedding of a friend from high school. Originally, Danny was the only Hinton slated to go. I was going to stay in Kansas City and wait for Danny to come back so we could go to another wedding, also of a friend from high school. (Confused? To summarize: two friends from high school got married on back to back nights. One wedding was in Colorado, the other in Missouri.)

When a flight to Colorado popped up that was too good of a deal to miss, I joined Danny at the last minute. We left Chica with the grandparents in Missouri. I'm so grateful it worked out, because it was a fabulous little trip (our first in more than a year) and it couldn't have come at a better time for our marriage. God knew just what we needed.

The day before the wedding we drove through part of Rocky Mountain National Park. It was beautiful and had all kinds of lookouts. We stopped a couple of times to get out and explore.

This is Estes Park. We had to drive through here to get to the entrance of the park. We had lunch here too at a local restaurant.
The wedding was in Boulder, Colorado. This picture was from Pearl Street, a really cool part of town. (I have no clue why this font is underlined, nor how to fix it. Sorry!)
Here are the high school friends the night of the rehearsal dinner. Jason, the groom is in the middle. And that guy on the far right is Shawn, a devoted reader of the Hinton Home. Hi Shawn!! :)
We're not the only people who've procreated! Here's Adam with his sweet baby girl. She had those kind of striking eyes that can overpower grown-ups. We should pray for Adam. :) Her mama was really sweet too, I'm glad I got to meet her.

I'm a total mountains girl. I couldn't stop taking pictures of them.
The morning of the wedding we went to breakfast at a local hot spot.
Here the boys are just before the ceremony started.
The very next night at Jen's wedding. All of us girls went to high school together. It's hard to believe we have real jobs, husbands, children, etc. When did we grow up???
Last week, Chica and I took a trip to visit Megsy, one of our favorite college girls.
We had a fun lunch and toured her house. Chica was a sight to be seen in the sorority house. The sisters were ready to initiate her.
The rest of the fall was sprinkled with "photo shoots" of any kid whose mama would let me. :)

How's that for random? I can't believe how many pictures I took that didn't have my daughter as the subject. I'm off to hunt her down with my camera- can't have her feeling neglected now. :)

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