Tuesday, November 16, 2010

what's in a (nick)name

My husband is the king of nick-names. He loves to dole out nick-names to unsuspecting teenagers in the youth group. He's so talented when it comes to nick-naming that once he starts calling a teenager by a funny name he has made up, it becomes that person's name for years. Not only will he continue to call that teenager by that name, everyone else will too. What can I say? He's powerfully affective in his nick-naming abilities. It's a gift.

For more than two and a half years, he's been exercising and perfecting his gift on his favorite little girl in the whole world- his daughter. Not to be outdone, I've thrown around a few nicknames of my own here and there.

Behold, a list of names we call our daughter on a regular basis:
(Some have phased out, but the majority are still in use. And yes, she responds to every one of them.)

*Love Bug
*Bubba Bear
*Bungle Bear
*Big Goyle
*Buggy Bungo
*Baby Girl
*Big Girl
*Bear Cub
*Cub Scout
*Cub Scout Buggo
*Lovey Smith
*Rolly Polly
*Doll Baby
*Sister Bear
*Jay Bird Baby
*Reester Peester

If the poor thing ends up having an identity crisis, I think we'll know why. :)

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