Wednesday, June 29, 2011

last month

Summer is in full swing. Being as far along in this pregnancy that I am, it's been a tad hard to know how to approach all the fun of the season. On one hand, it's my last summer with an only child. I want to make the most of it. She's always been a girl on the go, so I want to go and do to her little heart's content, soaking up every minute of summer stuff. After all, "going" and "doing" is about to get a lot more complicated.

On the other hand, it's my last summer before another (tiny, dependent) family member (with very specific, round the clock needs) joins our ranks. Recalling all that having an infant entails makes me want to fall on the couch, prop up my feet and put Cinderelly on repeat. After all, rest time for mama is about to get a lot less frequent.

Maybe I'll ask some mamas of more than one for their advice.

In the meantime, all the summer loving has really done a number on my blogging time. Exhibit A- I'm about to post pictures from Memorial Day Weekend. Here's what may have happened a month ago. (No guarantees though because my memory stinks.)

We traveled to Missouri to see the Hinton family. Two family members were about to travel overseas so it was a great excuse to get everyone together. We spent a couple of days camping at the lake. The first night was too chilly for a swim, but just right for fishing.

Chica picked the right Hinton to help her fish. Auntie Sandra is like a fish whisperer.
Sure enough, after a little while she reeled one in with her pink princess button pole. The excitement transformed to terror when the fish started flopping on the dock. "AHHH!!! I'm scared!!"
Much better fish distance.
Here she's sweet talking her Grandad. Putty in her hands I tell you. :)
S'more face.
If you give an only grand-child a hammock, she's going to ask for a pillow to go with it.
By Sunday after church, the weather had warmed up considerably so we ventured out for swimming, boating and a tube ride.
Sweet talking her daddy. The Hinton men in general don't stand a chance.
The whole Hinton clan. Thanks for having us Grammy & Grandad!
The Hintons who flew in from Chicago. We tried not to harass them too much for some cousins.
Speaking of cousins, they drove up to see us while we were in town. Baby Boy:
Middle Man:
Big Sister:
The whole crazy crew came!
It was a memorial-ble weekend indeed! :)

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