Sunday, June 5, 2011


...I'm trying to break out of my blogging rut.

...I was the last one up at my house. I could have slept all day long. I think my bed might be laced with a sleeping drug. At least Chica served me a lovely breakfast in bed. I had canned soup, a wedge of cheese, a hot dog, tea, a pear and a cookie. They were all made of plastic but hey, no calories!

...I had to miss my Sunday School class to serve in the nursery. The two-year-old boys loved my gold necklace a little too much. I need a Clorox wipe for the pendant.

...I'm 31 and a half weeks pregnant. As of three days ago, Baby Sister's foot looked like this:
She was holding it with her little hand. Now I'm wondering if she only has four toes on that foot.

...I'm thankful for functioning air conditioning in our home and both cars.

...I stared at this picture of the newest addition to our extended family and tried to imagine having one of my own in less than two months.
...I'm in desperate need of a haircut. And a brownie.

...I had a deep conversation in the car that was spurred on by a question from my ever growing Big Girl.
Recently heaven has been a popular topic. She told me I was going to have to fly to heaven on my own because I was way too big for Jesus to carry, but maybe He could sprinkle some pixie dust on me.

...I need another brownie. (Wait, what's the weight limit for holy pixie dust?)


  1. Rach!
    I just want you to know your blogs brighten up my days:) (and give me a much needed laugh occasionally). I love hearing about what's going on in you guys' life, especially when i'm 1000 miles away! I miss you guys and love you so much!!!
    love, Brittany f.:)

  2. Love This! I get blogging ruts and I only have one wild girl running around. And the pixie dust comment - precious - yo ho get a brownie : )
    See you in October!
    - Maddi