Thursday, April 19, 2012

seven and eight months

Guess what happens when you're the second born child and you've just moved to a new state?  Your monthly updates have to be grouped together.  :(  Poor Hopie.  

But, yea Hopie!  You are seven AND eight months old!  I thought I'd be able to remember what happened during each of these milestones, but I can't.  So here's a list of what you've picked up the past couple of months.

1.  You are on the move!  At eight months old you finally mastered rolling over.  This would terrify a first time mother, but for my second time around, I've enjoyed eight months of a precious, stationary baby.  I assured you it was perfectly fine if you didn't want to crawl until you turned one, but it's not looking like that's going to be the case.  You can push up to a sitting position, slide backwards on your belly and when I leave you in one spot you don't stay there for long.  

2.  At seven months you weighed 22 pounds.  The reason I know that is because it was the first time you were sick and they weighed you at the doctor's office.  You had the croup and the first night you had it, it sounded like a barking dog was in your room.  You wear size four diapers and 12-18 months old.

3.  You love to eat!  So far you've had yogurt, sweet potatoes, green beans, applesauce, avocado, bananas and carrots.  When we're at the table eating, you want to be eating too.  No teeth yet!

4.  You've started to wave.  A couple of times you've folded your fingers up, but mostly you flap one arm.  You can shake your head "no" but not in the correct context yet.  

5.  You scream for fun at the top of your lungs.  You're perfectly happy when you do it, but it's loud.  This week you happy screamed throughout story time.  

6.  You laugh hard and often.

7.  We can put a bow in your hair but you rip it out the moment you realize it's there.  

8.  People talk to you wherever we go.  They comment on your chunky legs or your blue eyes.

9.  Sometime in your seventh month, I felt like I finally acclimated to being a mama to two.  It's hard work and I'm still worn out at the end of the day.  But I feel like at almost eight months in I got my "sea legs."  The new normal feels a lot more normal now.

Here's big sister's picture at eight months.

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