Friday, June 15, 2012

it's only fair

I'm turning the tables today.  After all the sharing I've done about my girls I decided it's only fair to tell on myself.  I read somewhere one good prompt of getting out of a blogging slump is to write a simple list of ten things others might not know about me.  Here goes nothing!

1.  I cannot sleep while wearing socks.  It makes me feel like I'm suffocating.

2.  Going to the grocery store is my least favorite chore.  I'd rather scrub toilets.  I also feel serious guilt about this fact because there are people all over the world who would love to have an entire store's worth of food they could bring home and give their families.  Dan is always willing to go if I send him with a list but it's hard to surrender the control.
 2A. I might have an issue with control.

3.  My favorite subject in school was reading.  I loved Nancy Drew books the best.  Every time I take the girls to the library I contemplate checking out a Nancy Drew book.

4.  I love action movies.  The more intense and explosive the better.  There are very few romantic comedies I like.

5.  I'm bad at fixing my hair.  Some girls have the hair gift.  I'm not one of those girls.

6.  I have no clue what my love language is.  If they added taking a nap to the official list then that would definitely be it.

7.  I had my two front baby teeth pulled out in China Town (in New York) by a dentist who barely spoke English.  I went on to have braces twice before high school.  I had some messed up teeth.  Heaven help our girls.

8.  I love mountains.  For our July honeymoon we went out west to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone.  I'm dying to go to Yosemite and the Grand Canyon.  Something about being so small in the midst of such grandeur is incredibly comforting to me.

9.  My favorite toy growing up was Barbie.  I'd go up to my room for hours and play and play.  My family called it "Barbie Heaven."

10.  Seeing Celine Dion in concert is on my bucket list.  


PS- Aren't the smaller Hinton girls so much more interesting? :)

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  1. Totally with you on the sleeping in socks thing, and dying to see Celine! I do, however, love to grocery shop. We should work out a trade! You scrub my potties, I'll buy your groceries!