Thursday, March 25, 2010

happy tears

It all started so innocently.

All I wanted was a cute picture of Chica in her high chair while she finished her dinner. These days I have to work extra hard to get her to smile, especially when my camera is around. She doesn't dole out grins for any old reason. Those suckers will cost you at the current going rate of looking like a fool.

Thankfully I tried a couple of things and got the shot.

Chica was tickled. I worked some more silly magic and a little snicker squeaked out.

Then I really cranked up the crazy, and she erupted in a side-splitting fit of laughter.

The painful kind that hurts your belly and leaves you gasping for breath.

It echoed throughout the kitchen and drifted into the family room. Before I knew it, my baby's eyes were brimming with big, fat tears.

Who knew laughing could reduce a toddler to a puddle of happy tears?

I've never loved her more.

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