Thursday, July 15, 2010

splash park

This past weekend we went to a birthday party at a splash park. The birthday boy's mama did a great job with everything and in two years of taking home party favors, these were some of the cutest I've ever seen! Each child went home with a personalized bucket.
They were distributed before the end of the party, because each bucket was
full of....
water balloons!
At first, each of Chica's balloons busted under her mighty grip.
Soon she figured out how to handle them gently enough to chuck them to the ground. They were a huge hit! After the toddler water balloon fight, it was time to splash.

Danny and I remark often how much Chica likes to be in charge. It hit me Saturday morning as the both of us were standing there loaded down with her towel, water bottle and snack that the reason she enjoys barking out orders of where to go and what to do next is because she has two grown people willing to follow her around like a personal entourage.

She's a full blown first born.

And we're a couple of suckers.

But I'm willing to trail around behind her like a puppy dog if it means not missing out on moments like these.

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