Friday, July 2, 2010

a june recap

Last night, after posting a letter to the hubs, I made the mistake of looking at my sidebar, realizing I blogged a measly five times in the month of June. Pitiful. It's not June's fault. To try and make up for lost posts, I'll give you a rundown of what we've been up to this past month. Brace yourself, the pictures are abundant.

We kicked off the summer with our trip to Missouri.
We frequented a number of playgrounds around town. But only on the days when the temperature dipped below triple digits. As summer stretches on those days are fewer and farther between. (A girl has her limits. And those slides will scald your legs like you were asking for it!)
We shared many lunches together.
I love having lunch with her because she's reached the age where we can carry a conversation with each other and share our thoughts and innermost feelings. I love being a woman. She prefers discussing others around us, which proves particularly interesting when we're in public.

"Who is THAT boy, Mommy?"

"I don't know, baby."

"What's his name?"

"I don't know his name."

"Where is his mommy?"

"Hmm, I don't know. Maybe at work or at her house."

"Oh." (Pauses to find another target.) "Who is THAT girl, Mommy?"
Ok, so maybe I appreciated our lunches a little more than she did.

We celebrated Father's Day and lavished her daddy with presents she couldn't get into his hands fast enough. She was so excited.
We welcomed this sweet baby girl to the world. (She was born in May, but I didn't take this picture of her until a few weeks later.) We love her and her family so much.
Chica took a week's worth of swim lessons. She did better when I was in the water with her. Her teacher says she kicks well and she loves to jump off the side of the pool.There were only a few tears shed.
I had a night out with the girls. We saw Chicago and ate sushi and cracked up over stories of our children that will never make the pages of their baby books.
We took a family trip to the movies.
I attended a surprise luncheon for a dear friend to celebrate the impending birth of her sweet baby.
Baby G. made her arrival soon after.
It just so happened our whole family was able to visit her in the hospital.
Since then, Big Girl has been fascinated by her own birth story. In her adaptation she "growed and growed and growed and then the doctor came and then and then she was OUT!"
We've partied it up at all kinds of June birthday parties.I met up with my mom in St. Louis for a little girls' weekend and we attended a women's conference featuring Beth Moore.
We laughed and cried and learned and shopped. Friday morning, I slept in until 9:15, hallelujah!

I took my little camera on this trip. I didn't miss lugging around my big one but it was wonderful to be reunited once again.

And while all of these wonderful June events made for one heck of a month, one thing rises to the very top. It's influenced every other thing we've done this past month. It's consumed my thoughts and directed my actions.
June 2010 will go down in history as the month in which I potty-trained my daughter. More details to come (of course) plus I'll finally finish our Disney Trip Recap (for crying out loud, will it ever end?)

So for now, I bid a fond farewell to the lovely month of June. It sure was fun while it lasted!

Now has anyone seen the potty chair....


  1. I just love reading your blog. Sounds like you guys had a busy month:) Hope you are doing well!

    -Beth Brewer

  2. Rach, I love these! They help me keep in touch with all of you:) Miss you guys!! love you all:) love, brittany farley:)

  3. We miss you too Britt! Thanks for the comment, and have fun on the beach trip, I'm praying it's the best one yet!!

  4. Great Update! time for Disney #3 :)
    Nun Ya