Monday, June 21, 2010

let's go to the movies

Guess where we went tonight? This picture might give it away. :)
When the first commercial came out advertising Toy Story 3, I knew I wanted to take Chica. For her first "official" trip to the movies, what could be better to see than that? When I found the shirt, I brought it home and explained what it was for. She talked about her "Movie Shirt" for the next week.
The icing on the cake was when Sarah P. gave her a Jessie doll. She couldn't get over how her cowgirl matched the one on her shirt.
She loves this doll and uses her braid to swing Jesse around.

My face would look like this too if I was carried around by my hair.

We loaded up my purse with snacks and stuffed some dinner in there too. A family passed us in the parking lot and commented on our hidden food. I asked them not to snitch and they said they just stowed McDonalds in their diaper bag. Movie or no movie, it was dinner time!
Big Girl was nervous to enter the theater. The previews had begun and they were loud and intense. At the end of every one she announced (very loudly) that she was ready to see the movie on her shirt. Once it began, I wasn't sure we were going to make it. She was doing play by play commentary for the whole theater to hear.




But about 20 minutes into it, the newness wore off and she settled into the storyline. And what a cute plot it was! She told me twice she needed to go to the bathroom and each time we exited the theater she said, "I like this movie Mommy!" She repeated it about 16 times throughout the rest of the movie too.

I will warn you, if you go see this, take your tissues. I was boo-hooing at the end and Dan said he couldn't believe a movie about toys made him so sad. As the credits rolled, I wiped off my face and we loaded up our family's buffet. As we headed for the parking lot Chica declared, "I want to see that movie again!"
If she mentions it enough, her Daddy might give in and take her for an encore performance because it was so good.
As long as there are plenty of snacks.


  1. pretty cute, but where's her Top Gun shirt? :-)

  2. Nate and I have seen it twice! :)