Tuesday, June 8, 2010


There are two reasons I write our little blog. I write to keep our far away friends and family up to date on what's going on in our world. And I write so that someday when I forget details of what happened along the way, I can look back and remember.

Our life is a-changing. And as much as I've tried to put off writing this, I want to remember.

Four years ago when Danny and I were engaged, preparing for college graduation and planning a wedding, he felt called to a Bible and discipleship training program 400 miles away from our hometown. The calling was confirmed when I got a job I was excited about and he was hired at a church. The contracts were signed and the moving van was loaded. We were going.

It took us eight hours to get to our new home. I cried the entire way. Somehow the thrill of following God's will for us didn't lessen the emotional blow. Sometimes it hurts to obey. Sometimes the will of God is just as gut-wrenching as it is mind-blowing. We were strangers in a new town, clinging to each other as God's plan unfolded before our eyes. We thought we were coming for a year and then, who knows? The sky's the limit! That was our plan.

We stayed for four.

What started as a position on a church staff for Danny turned into two, one for me too! Co-workers became friends who became family. Acquaintances became partners in ministry who became friends for life. Awkward introductions turned into women to sit next to at Bible study who would later visit us in the hospital to hold our firstborn. Role models became trusted mentors. And by the grace of God a harvest was revealed and workers showed up to tend to it. It's been an incredible season marked with a ton of personal growth and the lavish blessings of the Father, which include making relationships with some of the most incredible people on the planet.

We had decided if ever we were to leave this place willingly, it would be for a short list of reasons. That was our plan.

A few months ago, Danny was contacted by someone at another church about a position there. Because I'm his wife I can tell you, this wasn't the first time it happened. It's my running joke at our home that "everybody wants a piece of Dan." :) We knew right away this position didn't meet our short list of requirements we'd need to even consider leaving our current church home. My first reaction was "Heck, no! But thank you for asking." I consented to at least pray about it. What began as an impossibility quickly developed into a very probable opportunity. For weeks we went back and forth. Prayed and petitioned. Sought counsel. Anything to help us distinguish God's voice in the midst of so much unknown. We asked for an extension on our decision and the last two nights we were physically ill, sure of what we should do yet doubtful we had the courage to do it.

I tell you all this because sometimes a decision seems like it's just a decision. But sometimes it's not.

At the end of May, Danny and I left our beloved church of four years-a church that took a chance on a couple of mid-western kids. They rejoiced with us, prayed for us, lavished us, supported us, trusted us, encouraged us and befriended us. We are changed because we worked there and will watch with great anticipation the work God will continue to do there.

So there you have it bloggers. Danny's been at his new job for nearly a month now. And as for me? Well I'm taking the summer to be home with Chica and then we'll see from there.

That's our plan.

But you know how our plans go...

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  1. So, where are you and what is he doing now?