Thursday, July 8, 2010

a surprise shower!

Yesterday Danny and I threw a surprise shower for a girl on the youth staff. I was able to decorate the night before after everyone had gone home. Mid-decorating, Chica discovered the office water cooler whose spout was right at her level practically begging any curious toddler to come mess with it. Sure enough its devices overpowered our weak-willed daughter. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her stick her head under the faucet and start gulping it down. I did what every proactive, A+ parent does; I ignored it and continued to work, thanking God for a good distraction and promising to sanitize it later.

The next morning, we went to the office early to get all the food ready. Thanks to the help of the other staff girls and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on dvd, we got everything done with little time to spare.
The Mommy-to-be isn't finding out what gender her baby is, so I did everything in blue and pink.

Pink and blue.
Blue and pink.
Time to eat!
The girls were first. Danny made the cherry limeade and everyone said it was better than Sonic's. If only we had the tiny, round Sonic ice, we'd give them a run for their money!
Then the boys.
We played Wits and Wagers and all the questions were pregnancy/baby related.
It was fun spending time with the staff. I'm still getting to know everyone and with all Chica's potty breaks, cupcake negotiations and overseeing her affair with the water cooler, I didn't get to visit as much as I had hoped. But I do know they're great people.
The Daddy- to- be was able to come too!
Here are the guests of honor with Danny and an apparition on the far left. I'd like to think I look like a walking sheet because the white tablecloth in front of us messed with my camera. But in reality I think it's because I have no tan.
The End.

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