Monday, September 20, 2010

candy land

A few weeks ago I bought Chica her very first board game. My mom has a few toddler games that Reese loves to play with the cousins so I thought it would be a good time to upgrade. Plus the heat is outrageous here (99 today) so I'm up for anything we can do to keep busy/sane indoors.
She got the hang of it pretty quickly, but it never fails that about 10 minutes into it, she'll start tweaking the game to her own liking. The Rainbow Trail causes all kinds of debating and questioning and explaining and gnashing of teeth. For a short-cut it sure wears me out.Recently I've caught her picking up several cards at once and shuffling through them to find a candy card. Girlfriend loves her some candy cards. This is the face she makes when she gets one.
She'd rather draw a candy card and go all the way back to the beginning of the board (by way of the Rainbow Trail) than arrive at the candy castle and win the game. If someone (including herself) wins with hardly any candy cards having been drawn, she feels short-changed.
Usually mid-way through the game, especially if it has been a low candy card round, she'll ask to switch colors with her opponent. (Not places, just pieces.) Only one of her parents allows her to do it . She knows how to sucker him.
And if it's just the two of us playing and we've selected our colors, she throws the other two pieces back in the box declaring that "nobody wants to play with us." This makes me feel bad so I explain that nobody else is home. And then I make each of us name five friends to prove we aren't loners.
Candy Land. It's just one more thing my ever-growing Big Girl is up to these days.


  1. don't you just love how they love to make up there own rules. They are so funny. Enjoy your time with her it goes by fast.

  2. I have a crush on Queen Frostine. There, I said it.