Wednesday, September 8, 2010

tall as a tree

A few weeks ago I was getting ready for the day. Chica ran into the room, peered up at me and exclaimed, "Whoa, you're TALL Mommy! You're a tree!"

I laughed because I've always been on the shorter side. In dance recitals the tall girls got to dance center stage while the short girls were stuck on the end of each row. Debs can attest to the fact that we were the bookends of the second grade tap line. A part of my 5'3'' self always wanted to be tall. I've yet to surrender that dream and make due as a pseudo-tall girl walking around in the highest shoes I can find. So you can imagine my delight when my own daughter thought I looked like a supermodel (my rough translation of what I thought she meant when she so eloquently compared me to a tree.)

Fast forward to a few nights later. It's time for bed so we've pulled out Chica's Bible to read. She has several Bibles, but this is the one we're using for now and she loves it. I let her flip through the pages to pick out a story.
Of course, I knew what she was going to pick, because she picks the exact same page every single time:
My child is fascinated with Goliath. I'm not quite sure what the draw is or if I should be worried, but it's what she picked so we went with it. I launched into the story for the umpteenth time, but this time around, the third line sounded oddly familiar:
Turns out it wasn't a supermodel my toddler had in mind when she saw me getting ready. She took one look at me and thought her mother looked just like that huge, burly, angry giant she'd read about all those times. Heaven help me.
Truth is, if I'm going to be comparing myself to a character in the story, I think I'm more like these guys- on the winning team yet often terrified by the huge obstacles standing in the way of victory.
The back cover promises this toddler Bible will "entertain your young ones" and "teach them biblical lessons that last a lifetime."
But I'm hoping she forgets the Goliath/Mommy association pronto!

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