Wednesday, September 15, 2010

first day of school (and more faith)

Yesterday Reese started school. She's in a Mother's Day Out program that she'll attend twice a week. It's the same place as last year and she LOVES it! I thought for sure I would ugly cry when I dropped her off and prayed I'd make it safely to the car before losing it.

Surprisingly I shed no tears getting her ready that morning. I did really well until we got in the car. Chica was whining a little, so to distract her I asked her if she wanted to sing. Without waiting for her response I launched into the first song that popped into my head-He's Got the Whole World in His Hands. It's a sure fire crowd-pleaser because you can change "whole world" to anything you want to fit the current circumstance. It's biblical and entertaining all at the same time. :) We sang "first day of schoolers" and "crazy mamas." Both got a good chuckle from the back seat. Eyes moist with tears, I silently thanked God for His sovereignty over every situation (especially the particularly sensitive ones that involve our children!) as we pulled into the parking lot.

As God would have it Sunday morning at church the pastor taught on faith. His first child is due next year and he's already starting to realize how much faith parenting requires. As I dropped Chica off at her classroom my heart felt the pull of its faith being stretched a little farther.

As her mother there is so much I want to control about her little life, but can't. I can't determine what she's going to say to her teacher, how she's going to treat other children or even if she'll be in the same clothes I dropped her off in because she remembered to tell her teacher she had to use the bathroom. All I can do is step out a little farther in faith, offering my worries and hopes to the One who loves this precious child even more than I do and believing confidently that His specific plan for her life is good.

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