Wednesday, January 19, 2011

through the lens of a toddler

Lately, Chica's developed an affinity for taking pictures. I can hardly get a shot of her before she starts asking to take one as well. I'm torn as a mother because while I don't want her to think of my camera as a toy, I know firsthand how much fun it is to use it. Still, it's my Baby (the one with a reputation of suddenly letting go whenever her arms get tired) holding my Other Baby (the one who most certainly will not survive a sudden crash to the floor.)

We usually end up compromising- I wrap the strap around her neck and she gets to hold the camera and push the button as long as Mommy has one hand on it at all times. This makes for an assortment of pictures featuring the ceiling fan, clutter on the floor and random areas of my face, all taken as far away as my arm will reach.

The other night, Dan was home to serve as backup so Chica could actually stand back and get an entire subject in the frame. Check out her work!

and Daddy.
Not bad for a two and a half year old, huh?


  1. Rachel I got my nephew a camera that is VERY kid friendly because he was doing the same thing! He is almost three! It is by V-Tech and it is digital!

  2. We got Nathan the V-Tech digital camera plus for Christmas and he LOVES it! It takes pictures, videos, has games, and is very drop-able. He used to always want to use our camera too, so I know what that is like! :)

  3. Thanks for the tip girls! Especially since a toddler I know has a birthday coming up...