Monday, January 31, 2011

spidey toddler

Saturday morning our whole family attended a birthday bash for one of Chica's friends from our old church. We miss the Birthday Girl and her family so much. Her mama and I were in small group together for several years so we have some serious blackmail on each other. :) To me that's the sign of a legit small group- no one ever has to fear another member will squeal your business if everyone risks being honest. It takes guts to be vulnerable but doing so cultivates an incredible place for authentic growth. With that group of women the cost was as nothing compared to what I gained.

Meanwhile, back at the three-year-old's birthday party.

They hosted the party at an inflatables place. We've never been there so it was a new adventure for us. From her reaction, it might just be Chica's Mother Ship. She flew from one thing to the next. Not one slide, obstacle or bouncy area was overlooked. She did it all. Including an inflatable version of a rock wall.
She started out on the little version. It took some coaching from the sidelines but after a short time, she understood the concept and was able to scale the hill.

Then came The Mountain. At least that's what it looked like as my tiny two year old stood at its base. Either my baby didn't realize how formidable it seemed or she didn't care because the child didn't hesitate to start climbing. In the face of an obstacle five times her size she was fearless and determined.

Her mama could stand to learn something from her.
In the words of her Uncle Al, she's ready for American Gladiator. :)

P.S. - You might want to turn your volume down a little before you watch this video. It was pretty loud in the building and her crazy parents cheer her on in disbelief.

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