Wednesday, January 5, 2011

your third Christmas

Dear Reesie,
This year was your third Christmas. It was the best one yet. There are so many things I don't want to forget so I'm going to write them down here. Next year when you're poised to hear a story about your past self (your favorite kind of story) I'll know where to look for notes on all the details. (You love the details.)

This year was the first year you helped decorate the Christmas tree. You called every ornament a "bell" and you piled all of them on one spot of the tree, sometimes hanging multiple "bells" on a single branch. I didn't even think about fixing it after bedtime- your work was Chica Age 2 original. Every night, we counted down to plugging in the tree and we cheered and clapped when the lights came on. It never once got old.

You had a Christmas party at school and to your delight, Daddy and I both came. You decorated a sugar cookie and made an ornament with your Daddy over your shoulder and a smile a mile wide plastered on your face.

We celebrated Christmas at our house a week early before leaving town. I made tacos for our Christmas Eve dinner because I knew we'd be eating like kings at your grandparents' homes. Also, tacos made for a calm, peaceful Mommy who's actually pleasant company. Thankfully you and Daddy didn't mind.
After dinner, Daddy read the Christmas story to us. We picked out different toys to be the characters. You knew right away the part you wanted to play.

You loved it and insisted we do it all over again.

Christmas morning you found your big girl bed that Santa had left for you. You sat on it while you opened your presents. After each gift you cried, "Thank you! It's just what I always wanted!!!" We're not sure where you learned that, but it was amusing to hear.

You wanted your big girl bed in your room right away. Daddy had to take down your crib in order to get it out your door. I think he was a little shocked at how fast the time had gone since he had put it together. I wanted to cry, but your excitement overrode my feelings of sadness.
That afternoon we took a trip to the grocery store to get some food for a local homeless shelter. You were fascinated as we tried our best to explain what we were doing. You couldn't wait to take food to those who needed it. We unloaded the car at the shelter and you carried in a can of green beans and a loaf of bread with great satisfaction for one so small. May the assurance of your capacity to affect change never subside. The ladies there loved you. I hope it becomes a family tradition for us.

On Christmas Eve we went to a silent worship service at the church I attended when I was your age. I was a little nervous about it. The chapel was so full I sat in the row behind you and Daddy. You looked so grown up that night in your Christmas dress. You leaned over to whisper something in Daddy's ear and raised your unlit candle high over your head.

The rest of the weekend we spent with almost all of your grandparents. You opened more presents than should be legal for one child to receive. I took loads of pictures of you and your cousins. Each of you will look so different next year!

Merry Christmas Sweet Girl. Your Daddy and I are crazy about you. Thank you for the precious memories.

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  1. Oh what a darlin' child! Glad you had such a wonderful Christmas... :)