Thursday, February 17, 2011

photo fun

First of all, thank you to everyone who voted for Chica's picture last week. She made the website! You can see her snapshot by clicking here. If you don't see it right away, wait a few seconds, it will scroll through several that were chosen. How fun is that??

Today I went to MOPS and we made the cutest magnets with family pictures. Normally a tad cautious when it comes to crafts, I was totally into this one because I knew Reesie (our little comic) was going to love the final product. Can you tell what they are?
silly pairings galore!

I couldn't wait to see Chica's reaction to her mama's craft project.
It was love at first giggle!!
(And totally worth the additional 45 minutes I had to drive to get to MOPS because I had left my pictures at home. Sometimes I want to put myself in timeout.)

Here's Chica's first arrangement:
She was in self-induced stitches over giving her Daddy a Woody body.
The Hinton girls share the same sense of humor. What can I say? We bond over anything and everything that's the least bit silly. I'm pretty sure our love language is making each other laugh until it hurts. Even when the joke's on Daddy. :)


  1. How cute!!!! My kids would love this!

    You have a GORGEOUS blog! love the design :)


  2. Thank you Melanie, unfortunately I can't take credit for it. Kelly at Fabulous K Creative designed it for me. If you click on her button on my sidebar, it'll take you to her site. She's great to work with!