Wednesday, February 9, 2011

an update and a request

Howdy ho bloggers! It's been awhile since I last saw you.
A few things have prevented me from posting in nearly a week. Last Thursday Chica developed a little cough that turned into nearly hacking up a lung throughout the night. She stayed home from school and after a quick doctor's visit to rule out the flu and some medicine to help her sleep better at night, she's been on the mend. Sunday night, it was my turn to be the patient. Either the stomach bug or food poisoning (how can you tell the difference??) kept me up all night long. It's amazing Baby Hinton managed to stay put. :)

Praise God the others have been spared from it thus far. After a few weeks of mounting cabin fever, the last thing we wanted was to be home bound even longer. However all of this has made me even more mindful of how blessed we are for our family's health. Just a few days of our lives being directed by sickness brings me to my knees for those who are dealing with illness on a daily basis.

In other news...I need your help.

Back story: There's this fabulous, professional photographer in California who started a blog for moms who want to take better pictures of their kids. She shares a TON of great information and I've learned so much by reading there. Well, she's updating her website and its new design will feature pictures that moms have taken of their children. I submitted this one of Chica I took earlier this fall and it was chosen as a finalist!!!
There are 24 finalists and only 10 will make the cut. From here, it's based solely on voting and by the looks of the other candidates, we need all the help we can get! Could you please click here, scroll down and vote for Image #3? If you have more than one computer, use every one you have!! :) Voting closes at midnight (pacific time) Thursday night.

This little lion thanks you for supporting her crazy mother. :)