Tuesday, February 15, 2011

week 14

Our family had a lovely, low-key Valentine's Day yesterday. When Reesie woke up we told her there was a Valentine waiting for her. She walked right out the door of her room and over to the fireplace (where we stash all the presents.)

She squealed over each Dollar Tree treasure she pulled out of her bag. I love this fun, easy to please stage.

At lunch Dan had my favorite soup delivered to our front door. I haven't had it in a while and it was big enough to have as leftovers for today's lunch too.

We had dinner at home and then headed out for dessert. Applebee's has a fabulous dessert right now for $.99. We apologized to our waitress and ordered three of them with waters. We picked up a movie from RedBox on the way home.

Before bedtime I asked Dan to take a picture of our smallest valentine. I'm in my fourteenth week (a little into my fourth month.) This past week friends have said they see a belly and it's definitely more noticeable at night.
I'm not sure how many pictures I'll take along the way. With Chica, I made the mistake of not taking any until the very end. By that point it was hard to tell which was bigger- my belly or my face. :)

As of now, Baby Hinton's major organs and skeletal system are formed and it's developing finger prints this week. He/She is about three and a half inches long. We already love our Tiny Valentine.

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  1. I just realized that I am 7 months tomorrow and have yet to take a single belly picture! That's going to have to change! :)