Wednesday, May 18, 2011

may {so far}

Since May rolled around, our little family has been on the move.

We took Chica camping (twice). The first trip bad weather sent us home in the middle of the night, but the second trip we made it through until morning. When Chica wasn't too busy overseeing her Daddy's work, she helped pitch the tent, found sticks for the camp fire and hunted for frogs with her flash light.

One weekend Danny flew to Atlanta for a ministry trip and us girls got to tag along. We visited the aquarium and went to a Braves game where Chica learned how to eat peanuts.

Chica had her last day of school for the year. The night before I took her I thought about how much she's grown since her first day of school last fall. I cried about saying good-bye to her incredible teacher. She's the first teacher Big Girl's ever pretended to be. One afternoon we saw her at Chic-fil-A and Reesie was completely star struck. Oh how she will miss going to school this summer!

(First day of school.)
(Last day of school.)

While Danny worked, the Hinton girls road-tripped to Missouri to attend my brother's college graduation. We spent the weekend celebrating Uncle Bubby with the cousins.

We spent Mother's Day with friends. It was the first year Chica was able to sign the card all by herself. Then Danny turned 26 years old so the best cake in the world (Hy-vee brand with whipped icing) made its way from Missouri to our happy home.
We dipped our toes in the Atlantic Ocean.
Mingled with royalty.
And even got autographs from some famous people we ran into along the way.
All in all, it's been an eventful May. I better go tackle some laundry before I'm tempted to eat a second (ok, third) piece of Dan's birthday cake.

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