Monday, May 23, 2011

vacation top ten

10 of My Favorite Memories from our Family Vacation:

10. How it was the perfect blend of relaxation on the beach (St. Augustine) and adventures in the most magical place on earth.
9. Experiencing it with friends in the same life stage. Potty breaks, pool floaties and sand castle building make for instant bonding. Plus Chica LOVED having girls there her age.
8. Eating like kings (the fresh fish was unforgettable!) at the beach. Because our friends are the grill masters we weren't living on PB&J for the week.
7. Push the talking, robotic trashcan. He lives in Tomorrowland. I loved him so much I went back twice to try and find him.
6. Watching Chica collect autographs. She was big into meeting the characters. She made sure to sign the first page of her book before the trip started.
5. Getting Chica ready for her day at Magic Kingdom during the 90 second monorail ride. Clothes, shoes, socks and hair were done by the time we reached our destination.
4. How well our Big Girl traveled now that she's older. She slept great in the big beds and used the hotel restroom all by herself.
3. Watching Chica go down her first water slide alone. Her smile was so big. Watching Dan catch her over and over. If ever there was a Daddy completely smitten with his daughter.
2. Not wanting it to end.
1. Escaping for the week with my two favorite people. We got to play hooky from the rest of the world, enjoy each other, laugh, make memories and remember what drew us together in the first place.

Thank you family members and friends for helping us have an incredible week away. Whether it was the birthday gifts or bearing with us while Danny was out of the office, we are grateful and better off as a family. Much love and appreciation to you!

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  1. What an amazing trip, Rachel! I'm craving a vacation!