Wednesday, July 13, 2011

36 weeks

We're down to our final month! Baby Sister will be here in the next four weeks (give or take a few) which means:

1. I really need to pull out the bassinet. And find the infant car seat. And track down the storage bin of newborn clothes. And buy a pack of diapers. And wipes...
2. I've surrendered to the waddle on an occasional basis. Listen, the last thing I want is to walk like a duck, but sometimes it just feels so good to embrace the totter. (Especially by the end of the day.)
3. It's tough to get out of bed without grunting. Poor Dan. Hopefully this symptom doesn't escalate into a full blown professional tennis player's yelp or I might be driving myself to the hospital.
4. She weighs about six pounds.
5. Chica is running out of room on my lap. She told me so the other day as she shifted around trying to make more space. Few things make me happier than when she's sitting on me and the baby kicks her. I think it's Baby Sister's way to payback her Big Sister for all those loving smacks she likes to give me on the belly.
6. Last week was our last trip. We're staying put until she gets here. (Cue the butterflies. The nerves are taking over!)
7. No more Twister games with my firstborn.
8. I'm doing my best to savor this last little bit of being pregnant.

We'll be seeing you soon Baby Girl!!

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  1. Looking great, Rachel! Would love to coordinate some meals for you from our MOPS group after little girl gets here!