Monday, July 18, 2011

she is smitten

My mama's girl is switching teams.

The nursing sessions were replaced with weekly Daddy/Daughter dates long ago. Now that her mother's belly is too swollen to carry her around, she's discovered the arms of her Daddy are a quite fitting replacement.
She's somber when he goes to work, squeals when she hears the garage door open later that day and makes him chase her down for a good-night kiss.

The other day I watched from the table as they filed through the restaurant. Perched on her Daddy's hip, arm dangling over his shoulder, she had a perfect view of the Chipotle ingredients. Her fingers stroked the back of his hair. As they passed the salsa choices she clutched the sides of his face and pulled him close until their cheeks were smashed together.
I don't know if she's ever been as smitten with her Daddy as she is now.
But I can't say I blame her...she has impeccable taste.


  1. Haha! Wonderful "article!" ---I too have a daddy's girl in the house. Although mine was smitten in the delivery room when he was calling her name & only 2 minutes old, turned her head & locked eyes with him. I had high hopes for a mama's boy with Asher, but alas, he too is all about Daddy. Maybe the next one someday.... Lol. Hope you're feeling good! Ttyl

  2. She will always be a daddys girl I have 2 daddys girls at 35 and 27 kind of wish I would have had a little boy so someone would have been on my side once in a while
    Love you all

  3. So sweet!!! I'm still a Daddy's girl at 29 :)