Monday, November 7, 2011

3 months old!

Our favorite little sister turned three months old yesterday!
(I know Sissy! I can't believe it either!)

This past month has been really fun especially since she started smiling and laughing in response to her crazy family. She adores her big sister and is content to sit and watch Chica entertain the rest of us.
What else? Well, she eats five times a day, weighed 15 and a half pounds at her two month check-up, wears size 3 diapers, 6 month clothes and she's sleeping great. So great that one spot on her head is a little flat. :( Reesie asked me this morning, "does Hopie still have her flat head?" Such sweet sister sensitivity right there.
This month she started going to church nursery and Danny and I started our date nights back up. In both settings she's taken her bottle like a champ and not thrown a tizzy for "strangers." Go on girl!
I love seeing her interact with the rest of our family. Saturday Reesie and I were playing take some babies to church. Reesie noticed the three buttons on Hopie's shirt so baby sister got to be the elevator. Last night she got her face "painted" with a q-tip and she was so tolerant.

We love you Hope Margaret. Our family is better off because you are in it!!

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