Monday, August 11, 2008

bubby's birthday

Today my baby brother is twenty years old. How can that be? My heart hurts that I'm not there to celebrate. (But don't worry, a present is in the mail!) So now, in honor of his big day, here are 20 reasons I love my brother:

Drum roll please...

20. He gives my sister a run for her money in being the smartest person in the family. He's working on his engineering degree and she's in medical school. They've both been warned about the possibility of their youth director sister becoming a bit of a mooch.

19. His hair rivals that of a Californian surfer even though he's never lived there.

18. He has the same taste in movies that I do. If it gets a good review from him, I know I'll love it too.

17. When we lived in New York, he would climb the poles in the subway.

16. His competitive spirit always made family games fun. Unless he was beating me. Then it was war, which inevitably ended in one of us being sent to our room.

15. He came to all of my dance recitals and even closed the book he was reading when I came on stage.

14. He was a groomsman in my wedding.

13. He's a Mizzou Tiger.

12. When we would go to Panera Bread Company after church he would have no shame in ordering a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

11. He's not afraid to voice his opinion.

10. He's witty.

9. He gave up part of his Spring Break to come down and paint Reese's room.

8. I've continued to call him Bubby his entire life and he tolerates it.

7. He would keep his Halloween candy out on his dresser, where it was easy to steal.

6. He was an all-state athlete in multiple sports.

5. He's fun to tease because he can dish it back with ease.

4. He spent his entire summer at an engineering internship. He got up every morning, put on a shirt and tie and went to work.

3. Whenever we played each other in tennis, he would push me to be better...that is until he turned 10 and I no longer had a shot at beating him.

2. After growing up in an estrogen filled home with three women all up in his business, he somehow avoided becoming a mama's boy.

1. He's forgiven me for calling him last year to wish him a Happy 18th Birthday. He was 19.

Adam Joseph, I love you. I am so proud to be your sister. Happy Birthday!!

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