Wednesday, August 20, 2008

we have a visitor

Look who came to see us this week!

We were so excited because last time she was here the Reester looked like this:

Three months later, after a loooong summer at camp, Debs returned for another visit. This time we looked like this:

For someone to come so far multiple times to see us, you'd think we were a hoot. But you'd be wrong. Let's see, during Debbie's first trip, Miss Thang screamed through the night. This time around, Reese thought Debs was her personal spit-up target. And boy, was she bound and determined to get in her practice time. The girl doesn't mess around. She will nail you. Most likely just after you've showered and dressed for the day.

When we weren't dodging the onslaught of flying baby puke, we feasted on puppy chow and Dr. Pepper. Regardless of what the scale says, I am pleased to announce that our appetite for chocolaty, peanut butter, powdered goodness was not deterred by a little Reese barf.

So why would Debs continue to make the eight hour drive across four states to come see us? Obviously, she could save herself some trouble, stay home and spit up on herself. The only thing I can deduce is that she must love us a whole lot. More than we deserve. And if spitting up is Reese's love language, then undoubtedly, the feeling is mutual.

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