Friday, August 22, 2008

praying for the sistas

Every Tuesday night we have girls Bible study in our home. The doorbell starts ringing around 6:50 and the last chica rolls out at a quarter till nine. It's a highlight of my week. I push the furniture out of the way, light some candles and we go to town. This week, Debs brought the thunder. After all, she is a professional! :)

The week before that we talked about the importance of prayer. As individual women and as a youth group, why the heck does it matter? We addressed that question. Then came the cool part. Randomly, I partnered each chica with a fellow chica. (As serious, women of the Word, that's how we refer to each other.) The pairs spread out around the house and shared personal issues that follow in the wake of a new school year. Next, they made a little string bracelet. They wore them on their wrists, tied them to their cell phones, chose any prominent place where they would see it daily and be reminded to pray for their specific sister.

Finally, I had them hold the hands of their partner and repeat this commission. No, we are not a cult. I promise we save group chanting only for the very rare occasion. :)

You (insert name), are my sister in Christ.
I hereby commit to praying for you.
That as you walk the halls of your school,
The Holy Spirit will give you power
To look different,
To act different.
No temptation will overcome you,
No mean girl will defeat you,
And nothing will separate you from His love.
You are more than a conqueror.
In Him, you are enough.
With His promises before us,
And His word within us,
I take my place at your side.
May your gentleness be evident to all,
And your time at school glorify Him.
In Jesus' name, you GO girl!

Awkward? A little bit. Cheesy? Maybe. But when the girls left that night, they did so with their shoulders a little straighter and their heads a little higher.

Knowing that someone is praying for you, that your school year might look a little different. Well, that's worth all the string in the world.

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