Friday, November 13, 2009

a "big girl" riddle

What do this...


and her have in common?

We've entered a new phase bloggers. Our baby is more than interested in The Big Girl Potty. She can tell me when she needs her diaper changed. She can say the word "potty" and walk into the bathroom. And she loves to sit on the Big Girl Potty.

I hesitate to label our new phase "Potty Training" (The Big PT!) because she's not consistent in any of the above areas. She's yet to actually go while sitting on the Big Girl Potty. Plus we have no goal of being out of diapers in a week, or anything of that nature. While we want to capitalize on her interest and not miss this window of opportunity, our hope is to do so without rushing into anything or pushing her to the point of frustration. (That will come later in life when she's a teenager and has a curfew. Ha!)

So maybe a better name for our new season would be "Potty Awareness." Welcome aboard bloggers. Here's hoping the ride isn't too messy.

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