Monday, November 30, 2009

thanksgiving round up

Anytime I go, say 48 hours without posting anything to our little blog, Chica's fans let us know. They're loyal fans you see. And if they have to go more than a few days without updates of our darling daughter's life, it makes for one disgruntled fan club. They call, text or twitter to let us know they ain't happy about the lack of blog progress. If blog readers aren't happy, ain't nobody happy. Eventually, I succumb to the pressure of people pleasing and before you know it, bam, an update appears. They get their Chica fix and we can carry on.

Funny thing is, this past week we haven't fielded any complaints regarding recent blog neglect. Turns out Chica's people were having too much fun seeing her face to face. We returned to the homeland for Thanksgiving, and our families were so excited to see Reesie that her presence in their homes superseded her absence on the blog. Suckers. :)

This is our family Thanksgiving picture. I must say I was very pleased with Chica's bow placement for the day. It was perfection.

First we went to Big Girl's Great-Grams' house.

While most of the family played football, we stayed at Grams' house to play and watch Aunt Sandra perform in the Chicago parade. Reesie loved stacking these blocks and toppling them over.

Her father played with these blocks when he was her age. Check out that bow placement.

Danny's grandparents put an addition on the back of their house and when they did, this former exterior window became an instant attraction. The kids would take turns walking up to the window, ordering something to drink and Grams would deliver it to them through the window.

Twenty years later, and it has yet to lose its novelty. Order up!

After dinner at Grams' house, we stopped by to see a couple of Dan's aunts before heading to my mom's house. She had her entire extended family over. Already stuffed, I grazed anyway the rest of the day.

Friday morning at 3:45 A.M. I was in line at Kohls. My name is Rachel and I'm addicted to Black Friday shopping. My mom, sister and I go every year and there's nothing like it. We nabbed some incredible deals, which were totally worth the lack of sleep. (As a girl whose love language is sleeping in, there's not much that can lure me out of bed in the middle of the night.)

I wish I would have taken a picture of us in line, but we were too busy devising our shopping strategy. Plus, who in their right mind wants a picture of themselves at 4:00 in the morning??

Saturday Daniel went to the MU vs. KU football game, and we rocked those chicken hawks! Saturday night, we drove through the night and arrived safely in our driveway at 5:00 A.M. thankful for safe travel, quality family time...and appeased blog readers.

Good night!

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  1. does the time always go so FAST??? miss the hintons already!! great always.