Saturday, January 23, 2010

birthday season

A few years ago, our church had a bit of a baby boom. Nearly twenty babies were born in the course of six months. Chica came right smack in the middle of it. I'm so glad God included us in that era of fertility. It's helpful to be surrounded by those who can empathize with your sore hips, round the clock feedings, sleepless nights, teething, discipline, etc. It also makes for a spring full of parties!

Yesterday kicked off the birthday season. Can you guess what the theme of the party was?

The owner of those sweet little blond piggy tails turns two next week.

The Birthday Girl wasn't very fond of her hat that her mom made for her.

Nothing a cupcake can't fix.

Swarming the pinata innards. (Sorry, is that gross?)

Loading up on the goods. Some of the prizes were little bracelets and rings. For some reason the girls looked so old putting them on, I couldn't believe it. And instead of bottles there were juice boxes. Where does the time go???

Here's the Birthday Girl with her mommy. Her mom reminds me so much of my sister. Danny and I love their family very much. She did an incredible job with the party, especially considering in just a few weeks she'll give birth to another sweet girl.

As the festivities wound down, I wanted to be sure to take a picture of Chica with the Birthday Girl.

I'm thinking it'll make the cover of her next scrap book. :)

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