Saturday, January 16, 2010

random thoughts on a saturday night

The following is what happens when I publish on the Internet whatever pops into my head on a random Saturday night. Continue if you dare.

Last night Dan, Reesie and I spent the night with a family of seven so their parents could get away for a little while. Aren't they cute? Next year three of them will be in youth.

Reesie slept in a pack and play in the master bedroom. For a girl who's hardly a pack and play fan, we were surprised she went down without a peep and slept through the night. Too bad that wasn't the case New Year's Eve.

We all had naps when we returned home today. I've never realized how quiet our house is.

Age difference between siblings fascinates me right now. I ask everyone with more than one kid for their opinion. Today I asked Reesie if she wanted a little brother or sister and she marched away without commenting. Hmm.

Tomorrow my favorite niece turns three. Somebody pinch me. Just yesterday she was a seven pound thing with the longest string bean legs. We wrapped her present the other day (it's still not in the mail) and every time Chica walks past it, she chants her big cousin's name. I wish we could go to her party.

Something is causing a serious stink in our house and we can't figure out what it is. We've scoured the house. No luck. Can't find anything. Any tips?

I have a feeling a difficult "no" is on the way. I hate saying "no."

Trying to read the Bible in a year. Read today and fell asleep mid-sentence. I'm getting a few weeks ahead because I know myself. I tend to start out with a bang and sputter out. Hoping that's not the case for this.

Or for mothering.

Or being a wife.

Tonight Reesie and I went to dinner, just the two of us. My sandwich was great, but the soup was sub-par. Not even good enough to take home for leftovers. It was a fun night. Hardly anyone was there. She scraped her straw along the floor so I had to ask for another one. I hate asking for special favors. Even if it's just for a plastic straw. She kept calling the restaurant owner "Daddy." It's a tad embarrassing correcting your child on that matter.

"No, baby, that's not Daddy."

"No, he's not Daddy either."

I think she does it just to make me laugh. She loves to laugh. She especially loves making others laugh. I love hearing her laugh.

I love laughing with her most of all. We laughed all through dinner. Just the two of us.

Missed her daddy. Thankful he hasn't had to take on a second job as a restaurant manager. But I would love the free food.

I love eating out.

I love lamp. (Name that movie.)

And I love you bloggers. Good night.


  1. "I love lamp"

  2. Sometimes you don't get to pick how many years there are between your children. Sometimes you have to trust that God has a plan even when it doens't line up the way you thought you wanted it to.

    And I love eating out too... too much! :)

  3. I am trying to 'read the bible in a year, too'. I am reading the "God Sightings" one. Pretty interesting but by the time I sit down to read I get sleepy...I'm not caught up. Still several days to get to today :)

    Good luck - and 'luv your blog'!