Saturday, January 30, 2010

frozen in (kind of)

We're iced in bloggers!

The storm warnings started at the beginning of the week, followed by an all out grocery store mob on Thursday. By Friday schools were closed and later that morning the ice storm of 2010 arrived in all its fury.

All in all, I guess we got about an inch of snow.
(Indicator #1250 that we're not in the Midwest anymore, Totos.)

In defense of southern meteorologists everywhere, I will say that there is ice.

We stayed home yesterday as long as we could. My daughter is many things, but a homebody isn't one of them. I realized she had reached her breaking point when I found her squeezing half of my face cream out on my nightstand.

If you see me in the next couple of days and think my face looks a little dry, know that my night stand is thoroughly moisturized.

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