Saturday, January 9, 2010

the old sheriff returns

While Danny and I were busy kicking it with college kids, Chica held down the fort. We called in for backup because she's not quite ready to spend the weekend alone. (Not until we get all the nanny cameras installed to secretly record all that's going on while the 'rents are away.)

One of Reesie's sets of grandparents came to stay and you know what that means...

The Toddler Girl was in the driver's seat all weekend long. In her world, grandparents who are crazy about her and live several states away are by far, the easiest ones to sucker.

You know she was sitting pretty on her Spoiled Throne all weekend long.

Until Mama came back.

That's right honey, the old sheriff's in town.

In these parts, Mama's the law.

Ain't no room for tangents in our neck of the woods, neither.

So have a cracker and mull over that for a while.

Cause Sheriff Mama is no dummy. She may be the long arm of the law, but she's never without a fist full of snacks.

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