Wednesday, March 9, 2011

school picture day

Last week was school picture day for Chica. I'm hesitant to purchase school pictures because they typically don't capture Chica with an authentic smile on her face. It's usually more like an I'll- sit-here-and-grit-my-teeth-if-it-means-I'll-be-done-quicker expression. Funny, her Daddy makes that same face when he's forced to take our quarterly family picture. It's torture I tell ya.

However, I couldn't let a freshly ironed outfit (a phenomenon around these parts) go to waste so we had a short photo shoot before we left for school.

Bingo! If the $36 wallets don't work out I can always send one of these to the grandparents.


  1. Love the photos.-

  2. Love the picture can't wait to get a new one for the ref. Linda