Tuesday, March 1, 2011

spice castle & pajamas

Before cooking dinner last night I pulled out all the spices in the cabinet to find the one I needed in the very back. While I had my back turned working at the stove, Chica pulled a chair over to the counter and went to town. At the sound of her enthusiastic, "TA-DA!" I whipped around to find a great wall of spices stretching from the sink to the fridge.
She was so proud of her "Spice Castle" I made her climb right back on her chair for a picture.
Today, in honor of the great letter "P" Chica's class had a pajama party. They celebrated with pizza for lunch. It's not every day you get to wear your jammies to school.
Thanking God for today and hoping to remember all the little things that make life with my favorite girl extra sweet. I love her so.

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