Sunday, March 20, 2011

we met them in st. louis

Last week each small group of students in the youth group took a road trip to celebrate their spring break and bond over all the wild memories made in the course of the 24 hours they were gone. On Monday, some middle school girls headed to St. Louis. Because their destination was only a few hours away from my sister's house (and Monday happened to be her only day off that week) Chica and I hitched a ride with the students to meet up with the cousins for the day. Dad and Jackson heard about our crazy escapades and joined in on the fun.

We spent the day at the City Museum. I think it's called that because at least half the city of St. Louis is there at all times. It's not hard to understand the museum's appeal. Such a neat, neat place for little and big kids alike. The toddlers had us on our toes all day long. Chica scaled some of the big kid stuff so fast I was sure I needed paddles to get my heart going again. She was so worn down by the end of the trip that at dinner as she sat in my lap, too tired to eat, her little head slumped over in sleep surrender. We both drifted off as the bus headed home.

There wasn't a whole lot of time to pull out the camera. Here's what I did manage to get- the players, a smattering of their adventures and the sweet middle school girls who put up with us. :)

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