Saturday, March 12, 2011

week 18

Time for a Baby Hinton update! Yesterday I went to my monthly check-up. The baby's measuring great, had a strong heartbeat of 150 and is moving all over the place. (I started noticing movement at 15 weeks but it wasn't until this week that Dan could feel the baby too!)

The doctor noticed that I haven't gained any weight yet. I told him my children are stealing all my food. Whatever I'm eating, Chica claims at least half of and then Baby Hinton mooches the rest. I'm a little relieved though because when I was 18 weeks along with Chica, I had already gained 15-20 pounds. (And I kept packing them on until the very end.) (Somebody saw her Daddy taking pictures and wanted to get in the shot.) :)
I asked her what it was like living in Mommy's tummy. She said, "It was like toast" and dissolved into a fit of giggles.
The most exciting part about my appointment was that my doctor scheduled our big ultrasound for March 23! In just over a week they'll examine all of Baby's major organs and tell us the gender.

Speaking of gender, a few weeks ago my mom came to visit. She had heard about this test that claims to predict your baby's gender. When we saw how much it cost at Walgreens, we went home empty handed. This morning my mom sent me a birthday package and lo and behold, look what was included in the envelope:
Of course I HAD to take it right away. And the result:
We won't be decorating the nursery or picking out a name for at least eleven more days. But if this test turns out to be right, Dan is going to have to pick me up off the floor.

And then tend to his toddler who is thoroughly convinced God is bringing her a baby sister.

We can't wait!!


  1. I'm 30 weeks along and STILL down 5 lbs! It's crazy! But baby is getting what he needs, so I don't mind too much! You're looking great!

  2. your big appt. is the day after my next appointment...the one in which we finally get to hear the heart beat!!! yeow! this is all happening so fast! love you.

  3. I've always been told those tests are only 50% accurate! :)